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  Look mommy I made a volcano !


Happy earth day earthlings, it all started with a little boy some soil, a spout and a lot of muddy messy hands and faces. What better day to launch my blog than a little mini holiday.? Right, I mean it’s  Full of sunshine and rain if you happen to live in the Dallas, Texas metroplex you’ve seen lots of it these last few couple of days which not to mention is only getting more stormy.  Which happen to be Isaiah’s  two favorite days in one. Lots of serious puddle jumping. No but seriously other than it being all humid We love it when it rains even more is the smell of after rain lingering from the wet trees. One main challenge I happen to come by is having a little 4 year old who is all about being outdoors which Is the one trait I love, and  one I will embrace for a lifetime. Teaching him the importance of taking care of our planet is a huge thing for me not a lot of people care about it but we do so our challenge right now is to not litter for one its extermly hard when everyone around him is doing it, which is a hassle but little by little he knows trash goes in the trash can and not out the window. Right now we spend most of weekends and afternoons  outside fixing up the backyard which happen to have a lot of improvements to be done if you can tell from all the photos we have no grass in our backyard at the moment yet he is extermly happy playing with dirt and mudd when it’s muddy outside. Specially the ducks we happen to have at the moment. Yes, you heard right we have ducks and chicks just outside our windows. Crazy right.!? I mean who has ducks and chicks just chillin and hanging out in their backyard. Now there’s a little spin to your normal backyard. We have been trying to make such a cozy home lately that we decided it would be nice to have some greenery right now since its spring and everything is blooming around us and we can’t really enjoy our backyard right now so we went to our nearest green house and bought a cute long wooden pail to put some herbs in. We bought  some of our favorites, chocolate mint, sweet mint, spearmint, basil, & cinnamon basil. Which we have been using in our food and water to give it a little flavor lately so that just gives it a plus to have it in reach just out side our home and watch it grow.

Xoxo, Steff

Thanks for reading, I will also be taking suggestions all the time on what you want to see on the blog you can comment below or email: Everyones been asking a lot on Instagram if I collaborate .? The answer is yes. Just email away.

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