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“April showers, bring May flowers.”


Kid you are too cute.


Make a Wish.


Wishing on a field of dandelion’s

IMG_0201IMG_0206IMG_0207Coming home from work, to take a little walk in our neighborhood after dinner are always the best for starters,

  1. So relaxing and peaceful.
  2. Clears your mind.
  3. Just melts your stress away instantly.

I mean is there more to say. Specially since we have amazing fields just behind our home is a plus. Going to miss it so much once they build more houses where we see wild flowers, dandelions and so many critters. It has been raining like crazy that now we are not able to sit and just enjoy the sundown since everything has been growing and blooming. I think it is true what they say about,

“April Showers bring May flowers”

 Can’t wait to see what else grows. Did I mention tree’s, we have so many trees that every day is just breathtaking. I mean we live in the middle of nowhere, a street down we have horses, lakes, so  many farms, and all the animals that come with it. It makes you appreciate life a little more with so much nature around  you. Specially when you have a little toddler begging to go see them with so much excitement. Everyone is so friendly here  they let Isaiah touch the animals, play with them and jump around while the sprinklers are going  I mean, How can you not love it.? Makes motherhood just a little bit easier.

Did I mention all this fresh air.?  Waking up cracking the windows open or just stepping outside to smell of wet greenery, is amazing that it’s to die for.  We also have a tiny mini forest two blocks away , that the view going to work and coming home to is to peaceful. Hopefully they don’t bring it down, as of right now We are enjoying it while we can.

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