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Waco, TX





A Little dream, turned into a reality. If you are into home improvement show’s, you will know that Fixer Upper is truly one of the best. Not just because of the beautiful houses they remodel but of the humble people who make it truly amazing. They have made something so breathtaking,  I wouldn’t of asked for a better companion to take this trip with me than my best friend. We got in the car  turned on the Playlists, stopped by Italy, Texas for gas and had amazing laughs and girl talk, nothing beats that on a mini road trip.  After an  1 hour and 30 minutes we made it to the  Magnolia Market and Solis..  Truly the best place to drive by if you ever drive by Waco. As soon as you walk in all you see are FOOD TRUCKS !!!


Supporting Local Grounds.
Decisions… Mmmhhhmmm…


Chuck life .


Food: cheddar box ; Sunglasses: Target ; Infused water: La Luna



Seriously nothing is more deserving than Grilled cheese sandwiches ( Bail, 3 different types of cheese and bacon ) and infused lemon, lime mint water. Add a little sun and you get a perfect day if you ask me.

We stumped our way back home  to The Findery Boutique ….


 Can I just live here.?

I mean how gorgeous are all of these handmade trinkets and antique’s. Joanna and Chip Gains, you guys have seriously out done yourself. Checking out visiting the Magnolia Market and Solis out of my bucket list and what made the adventure more amazing is sharing it with my amazing Best friend Chelsea. Nothing beats good vibes.

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