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Early bird….


Handbag: Dooney & Burke; Cup: target; Necklace: Earthbound


Rise and Shine, Early birds.

Lately I haven’t really cared about how I tend to look with so much stress built up, lack of sleep, keeping up with a social life. It’s hectic and draining. I have been adding way too much on my plate. I’ve been learning and teaching myself to say “No.” to people when they invite you out on a weekday. Waking up for work is a huge struggle for me. I’ve been trying to lose weight in a healthy way and adding stress to it, is not helping specially when you get to work and you look at yourself in the mirror and say “Wow, I look like crap.” not to mention when people ask you all day if “You’re Okay.” Just adds more to it, which is uncalled for if you ask me.

This morning I woke up at 5 am to go for a run before work, It felt so rewarding seeing the sun rise just beaming through the sky the wind streaming through your face is just stress reliving. There’s something about running in the morning’s that I’ve found,  help me feel better about myself and how my day is going to start. After,  I decided to stop looking so slumpish  ( I seriously thing this should be a word ) and  dress up for work. Business casual just isn’t fun without adding a little twist. There’s something about flowy  dresses with bell sleeves to me that make me melt. . They feel so free which is just how I’ve been wanting to feel daily. Added a little twist with my cowboy boots and called it a successful day. .

If you know me, you know Coffee is always a must, daily. Maybe even an all day thing just depending on how my day is going it makes me tingle with  happiness. Just to walk in and smell fresh coffee being brewed Makes my heart stop. . However, It is horrible for you. I have been trying to upgrade my water intake Specially since muscle spazams are horrible through out the night.  so every morning instead of brewing coffee or stopping by my favorite place for it.  I try to make the choice to have iced cold water and infuse it with Lemons, Chocolate mint, and cucumbers for a freshing taste. I might even add some green  tea bags in it for the caffine.   Which is also good for your skin. I mean what more could you ask for than it also having amazing benefits other than just caffeine.

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