A Little boy with a camera.


Motherhood, what a joy. I love being a mother to a little toddler you never know what your day might bring. If it will be tons of muddy clothes and little hands filled with dirt or grumpy pants being sassy because he didn’t get his way. But, The  thing I love most about it all isn’t the loads of laundry or little faces that need to be cleaned up at the end of the day. Its the joy of seeing him smile and ask a ton of questions related to WHY.? Why? Why? We are in the Why stage. Which is filled with nothing but questions from the time he wakes up to bedtime. Everything I do intrigues him so why not let him capture life through a lens.

I mean look at he’s photography.

Not Going to lie but he actually got a couple of amazing shots. Other than all the other blurry ones. He thought it was going to automatically get the picture if he just held it for about 10 seconds.

At Bath Time, We found lots of sand in every little corner of he’s cute little body !! Let’s not mention the amount of time it took me to get rid of the sand in his hair now that was a Major struggle. I mean If you’re a Momma Bear you know bath time is already a struggle specially trying to get them in there. As for us the struggle is getting him out of the tub. Not to mention when they wont hold still to let you wash that hair. ! Other than shampooing his gorgeous locks. Bath time is seriously the one thing I look forward too with my little Gremlin. Motherhood is amazing, but sometimes you also need a little time to take care of yourself. 

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