Back on track 

So sorry for not posting anything recent. Life has been hectic somewhat. This whole entire 3 days off from doing nothing at all but just spending time with friends and family has really made me reflect on gettin back on track . Goals are,  

  1. To wake up early. Approximately at 5 am every morning for a quick run and make breakfast before work. 
  2.  Completely stop drinking coffee for 2 weeks to see how my body and skin react to it. 
  3.  Meal prep ! 

Seriously, if I can get on track life would be a lot simpler. 3 easy steps. Main struggle is waking up early and meal prepping the time that goes into it is so time consuming. However it’s somethin that needs to be done. Let’s see how it goes. 

If anyone has any amazing ideas for waking up early and how it effects your day leave it below I would really love some hints ! 

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