Casual Saturday … 

Can we take them all.?

We love to spend our weekends exploring everything Texas has to offer. Obviously visiting our local farmers market never fails. We love it there the people the food the amazing little shops and handmade goods are what make our hearts full. 

Sipping on coffee, walking around eating giant cookies as big as your face and sipping on watermelon water. What better way to say hello to summer.? I can’t picture surviving this heat any other way. Who’s in.? 

This face is priceless 💗

Learning what makes organic foods better.

We visited Dallas antiques co. Palmier cafe, I’m not sure where we got that giant cookie from but it’s located in the shed. & latestly we endulged out taste buds with watermelon water from El Mero Mero Tamalero. Their food is also to die for. We also picked up tons of fruits and veggies to start off our week. 

Inpirational qoutes

Picked up some beautiful blooms and called it a successful day. Support your local shops. They are filled with amazing genuine people who love what they do and the purpose behind why they do it. 💗💗 Just a whole Lotta love. Starting traditions with my little one. 
Happy Father’s Day to all the amazing dads out there. For you are the reason our little ones love to play in the mudd and fix things. To go beyond what they thought possible. 

My son is lucky enough to have his dad and his papa who plays an amazing role in he’s life because he’s more than just grandpa to him. This man is my sons biggest role model and he is he’s world. I couldn’t be any more blessed. 

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