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Exploring new heights … 

Exploring new heights, I had the privilege to experience something so breathtaking it made me want to never leave. I saw things I never once dreamed of seeing nor actually finding myself. Once you actually expiernce it you crave more. Seriously, I didn’t want to leave.  I had something completely differently planned out for my Day off. I was going to go shopping, get my nails done. Find some amazing thrift stops. Even check off going to the Dallas art museum off my bucket list. I never thought I would be on a road trip to a different state stopping along some of the most cutest little towns and admiring their history and what they had to offer. 

Let’s be realistic here I was not dressed nor prepared to cross rivers or climb mountains. I was dressed for a day out in the city. 

Yet, I don’t regret it one bit. I climbed mountain tops and went across a river just to take some amazing shots. My little feet got soaked and beaten up by tiny little monster of rocks. My makeup melted off my face, making my skin break out. 

 We explored around the wildlife, seeing Praire  dogs and bufflo up close and personal just hanging around chillaxing. The one truly amazing encounter we had that was my favorite would be the little prairie dogs talking among each other, waddling their little butts in the air. ( wish I wouldn’t of dropped my micro lens to capture them).  It was truly the most wonderful and breathtaking expiernce of my life, discovering what I truly see myself doing years to come.

 So fortunate to have expiernced it with Matt and taking me along for the ride on our day off. Hopefully there’s more adventures like these to come. 

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