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Dallas – Michigan – Chicago

“To everything there is a season and a time to make it worth wild “

Crazy, how things happen in the most unexpected ways. I have been wondering for a couple of days how to start this post and how I feel with the event that I am traveling with my only child. You know when they ask you that amazing little phrase we all love to hear ” where do you see yourself in 5 to 10 years.?” If I was the person I was 5 years ago I would of never pictured myself traveling with a toddler and meeting the wonderful people I have met through it all.  So It’s all feels a little bittersweet. Specially when you go 12,000 miles up north to visit family you haven’t seen in about 13 years. Better yet travel just a little west of that to see  Great Lake’s  and  your home town again after 9 years. So it’s all bittersweet to me, to  experience it yet again with my little sweet toddler.

Our first stop was a little small town called Auburn hills, Michigan.

They have the cutest architecture, so different than what you normally see. Surrounded by tons and I mean tons of pine trees which clearly just reminds me of Christmas and fills me with  happiness. It gives you all those lovely, tingly feelings. ( which by the way happens to be my favorite holiday and according to my toddler now it’s he’s second favorite now too.) So clearly,  I could not stop smiling for 4 whole days.

Excuse the horrible quality if this photo.

. So much greenery everywhere, and I mean everywhere.  Makes you wonder how much Texas just needs trees instead of plains. Besides the whole tree thing everywhere they have the best hiking spots ever as well going up north almost hitting the Canadian border. We got to see deer just running around without a care in the world (made Isaiah so happy and filled with joy just seeing deer.) River banks just flowing.  Makes it even more breathtaking.

Surrounded by family just makes you think of what your missing out. Specially when they make you reminisce of how your childhood was and make you wonder if moving  up state doesn’t seem like such a bad idea. Which I am/ was highly thinking about. Hopefully one day in the future soon. Who knows.

Meet lola the friendly little critter .

We spent our forth of July morning/ afternoon cooking out and spotting deer in the vacation home my family has near a lake/ forest. (Which was well worth canceling seeing Detroit.) Isaiah played around with a very friendly squirrel my cousins tamed by feeding  it crackers  every time they vacationed  out here. Hunted for pine cones all morning and then enjoyed the rest of the morning by swinging on the swing. which my cousins made when they were younger. Off course we had to stop by for some coffee on our way there from  town. It would be cruel not too. I mean you cant start your day without a delightful cup or two of coffee.

Best way to travel in chucks
Soilder field Chicago , Illinois

After a delightful cookout and taking in some vitamin C , we headed  5 hours west to the  navy pier in Chicago, Illinois to see fireworks by the Great Lake. Which I really wish I would of charged my camera to capture some beautiful moments. There’s always next year right.?

Subways 💗💗

Specially when this amazing city is filled with delicious coffee shops and tons of street art. Let’s not forget the history it holds. We spent one night and one day in this beautiful city admiring it’s beauty and being tourist in a city you know by heart but also seeing the many changes they made to it through out the years.
We dined at our favorite street taco place in Pilsen, Illinois which is only 5 minutes  away from the city and what many people would call downtown.

The Bean 💗💗

Explored Millennium  park, Chicago Buckingham fountain, enjoyed the best of Chicago by stopping by taste of Chicago . Did some shopping in state and Michigan Ave. Made me remise on my childhood and growing up in such a beautiful city Isaiah sure enjoyed it and we will for sure be coming back very soon to jump in inches of snow . Until the holiday’s.





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