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Cancelled plans.? 

  Waking up to rain hitting your window, the smell of fresh coffee brewing. I must say its the best feeling in the world for me. Specially when all I’ve been wanting to do is have one of those lazy days. Where you do nothing productive all day, since I am a busy bee always on the go.  I think my Tee shirt this morning says it all . Cancelled all plans.? I think so. 

  This past week has been nothing but stressful trying to set a schedule for my little one who is starting school this Monday. (Let me go cry a bit.) I have so many mixed emotions about it. It’s a struggle as it is trying to get him to go to bed at 9 pm now since I pulled him out of day care to give him a break. That’s  the biggest struggle I think will be waking him or even myself up at 5 am.  He is sure excited, Which makes me feel excited for him. Meet the teacher was amazing for him even though I wasn’t able to share that moment with him. I did however get the chance to FaceTime with him while he was there. 

However, today was supposed to be one of those days where you are going from store to store trying to find those last minute school supplies you missed. The rain is sure going to make that a little tricky. Trying to get everything in order. Finding snacks which are acceptable which believe me I had no idea gold fishes are not a proper snack. I need snack ideas. Lunch recipes. ( I have a very picky eater) . Can any mommas give me any tips.? On what to expect and what not it would be very helpful. Pinterest isn’t being very helpful lately. Anything would really be highly appreciated. Hopefully the rain will ease up to get everything on the to do list to get it done. Soaking wet or not. Really aiming for the rain to stop tomorrow. Wish me luck. 

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