Lorlie Gilmore 

   After binge watching the Gilmore girls over and over again for so many years. specially lately, while I’m at work you know the clique hiding your phone and getting those wireless beats out trying to be slick. I couldn’t stop  but think I am a Lorlie Gilmore. No matter what goes wrong I pick myself up right away I think about my lovely son before anything and most of all no matter how much I want something I go out and get it. Her character should inspire anyone no matter what she’s funny, wise, adventours, spontaneous, unpredictable most of all such a great mother . She’s the best friend any child could have and I hope one day I have the amazing opportunity to have that same exact relationship with my son. I want to be a Lorlie Gilmore. no matter what happens I want my son to trust me enough  to always come to me first with anything no matter how bad or bittersweet the screwed ups are. The best biggest news I want him to say I need to tell my mom. she is my role model in the kind of mother I want to grow to be to him. Growing up I didn’t have a relationship with my parents I always wanted to however that was never the plan. I hid things I sneaked out I was always scared to ask to go anywhere. It took me years to have a good relationship with them and even now I hid so much that happens in my life to them. And that is the number one thing I never want to do with my children. I know, I know it’s a tv show but sometimes the best inspirations you can find is through tv shows, books or music. Anything artistic always has a deeper meaning. It tears me up every time I come home or wake up and my baby who is so excited and  won’t stop talking to me about everything. That happened in he’s day those are the moments I hold onto more than anything. Like they say in a blink of an eye it can all be gone. They grow up so fast and if you don’t give them your full attention or put them first you can miss so much. These are the moments I wouldn’t trade with anyone in the world. As the gilmores say, ” it’s never to late for junk food a movie night and a really good laugh .” One tradition I will forever keep with my son. Friday night dinners/ movie tradition . 💗

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