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September Goals. What in the world.?

Busy bee 🐝

A couple of weeks ago, I was reached by a great company whom apparently wanted me to blog my ideas of, “what motherhood means for me.” for them. Whoaaaa… Crazy, right.? I mean I started this to just share my  Ideas and what is on my mind 100% of the time. I have always had a love for journalism which I didn’t pursue and wanted to test drive it. So this company challenged me to do a couple of Goals to push myself and see how many I can accomplish in a months worth. For those of you new readers, my life is pretty hectic. I take on way too much and spread my “Jelly Peanut Sandwich” for per say way too thin. YIKES , how am I not crazy !!!!

My Goals are easy, I’m going to just  simplify my life as much as I can.Since, I am one busy mamma. simplicity is a must for me.  A couple of weeks ago I DE-cluttered my room / household. I cleaned out the garage and made it into my own little domain . So here are a couple of tips / goals to try out this month:

  1. Skin care routine: I have one which I love.The products I use are amazing.  I prefer to use on my skin and my sons skin are all organic, animal cruelty free, hypoallergenic, ( no smells is a must is my little one suffers from eczema) and all natural. (will make a special blog post with a skin routine soon. I promise) coming home from a busy day all you want to do is sleep. Lack of sleep gets the best of me which causes me to just nudge off the whole washing your face before bed thing so that is a must this month because breaking out is no longer an option at all.
  2. Read those unfinished books, I found some amazing reads which i have not finished nor started but I have been dying to get my hands on those puppies. Sad to say I have them in my book shelf or in my handbag but have yet to read. So SAD !!!
  3.  Shoot more: Photography is a passion of mine I love it and lately I have been slacking in that department so bad.  My little toddler always nags me away every time I try to pick it up. I mean i even dedicated a whole section in my blog for the little mini photo shoots I have been doing lately. Photographing children is my greatest Joy they are so candid to just shoot they don’t think about posing so you always get such a unique photograph.
  4. Explore more of Dallas:  My little one and I love exploring new parks, new restaurant’s and food trucks in Dallas. We have a bucket list of amazing places to seek out have a great time and make our belly’s full and of course Share our experience with all of you.

Well I hope you stay tuned for my end of the month posts. Which will be all about these four goals I have to start off small to accomplish it all, for the skin care i will be taking weekly photos of my skin routine  and how its improved over the days of just following the  routine daily . Until next time lovelies. Hope you enjoy.

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