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Welcoming, baby Ariana 👑

  Welcoming, a new baby into the world is the most precious thing in the world to me. The innocents they carry is breathtaking. Seriously, just makes my heart melt and my ovaries go into full drive. However, I can wait to have another baby. One is enough for now. 

I had the pleasure to shoot a last minute newborn whom was 1 day old to a brand new mama. Completely, unexpected I was going home from work when my mom seriously said “were going to the hospital Pao had her baby.”  So I was filled with  happiness when I opened my truck just to find my camera in its bag with just a little bit of battery but enough to take some cute photos. which means so much to us because we love her very much and she will forever be in our lives no matter what She is so kind hearted and has faced so many chanllenges in her life which has made her into such a beautiful person and will be one great mama to this little bundle of joy. So having me take her photos in the  hospital was a moment I will forever cherish. 

Motherhood never looked so good

The love of a mother is so unconditional, as if there’s no other  

 One thing I have always said was I love being chosen to take the photos of your little ones is the pleasure to see them grow and become as unique of a person as the mark they leave in everyone’s heart. 

Ps. Currently doing mini photoshoots. Email, Instagram or just message me for details. 

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