Make room to improve. 

 Photo above: Top: Loft (different color) bottoms: American Eagle, Handbag: Doone & Burke 

Lately I’ve been going though so many changes. Good or bad.? Up or down.? However, the major one is people who look up to you yet don’t want to fly on their own. I normally don’t write what’s going on 100% in my life. Yet. Tonight. Be careful. A rant is coming on. I need sleep, sleep and less coffee, coffee! 

The number one most irritating thing in the world for me is when people who are thrown into “leader mode ” or management yet have no people skills or executive decision making are thrown into a title or a role and have no clue what to do or what to act on.

 Let me catch y’all up. I was 18 thrown into a management position without the pay. At the time I did it because I wanted to learn but that wasn’t the case I taught myself every single thing I know. I caught on how to write emails the proper way, how to interview people. Make executive desisions by watching and by listening to conference calls. I learned and grasped onto what I thought was essential to myself and my team. No matter where I have worked i have leanered a lot on the what to do and what NOT to do. It’s all about being a people person. In real life I suck at explaining myself and communicating how I feel. However when I’m in my work mode and my role is “management” I delegate, communicate and make executive desicions so now back to my rant. 

When I have two fresh girls who have no clue on what to do I help them out because I see myself in that position they are older than me to start off with by 3-5 year. They have no communication skills, they do not delegate nor make executive decisions. They do not know how to write a proper professional email. At first I would tell them I would word this like this to make it sound more professional take out all street slag. Little things here and there. I was teaching them and that was not my role so they became used to the idea of coming to me for everything to asking me before they do something they look up to me. 

You must be thinking.? Well that’s great. Nothing wrong with that. I love the fact that I am able to teach them and help them that they look up to me. However, the biggest pet peeve is “I’m sorry I’m not like you, I’m sorry I’m a failure.” Self doubt. I didn’t get all the experience I have by doubting what I did I took a leap of faith. Voiced my concerns and gave opinions changed so many things that work for me. We’re all different and we all make different choices. If you are not up to take a role then voice it and take yourself out of the equation. However do not in your whole life compare yourself to another person. 

It’s a try again and again basis. I screw up. All the time. My personal life is a mess. My professional life is great but I’ve screwed up plenty of times I take criticism to the max and listen. I change my ways in order to make room for improvement. I don’t think a lot of people think about everything there’s so many ways to improve in both aspects. I have learned that. 

Well sorry for the rant but that’s my work crisis. People getting upset with me because I decided to help and ended up taking charge of some things for lack of communication and self doubt because I know the struggle of being thrown into a job with no training. I do not mind one bit showing people my skills and what I can do to help them out. Yet do not ever say ” well I’m a failure I am not you.” It all comes from willing to change and learn. 

Tonight after they cried to me and yelled at me I just gave up so If anyone has any tips for me on how to make these girls know they are not failures and they need to know the difference between friendship and work. Please let me know it would be highly appreciated. I have tried a couple of things and have yet to help. 

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