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Mondaze …….

Starting  of a new week what a drag. Where’s my coffee cup ? Extra large please. With vanilla and extra cream. My daily dose of happiness to put a smile on my face now that the weekend is over, I’m focusing all of my energy and patience not to freak out that I’m stuck in doors for a 40 hours  work week’s just suck. Am I right.? Or Am I right.?  While the weather is perfect outside with just a beautiful breeze and a  little sunshine.

   Texas is agreeing with my wardrobe vibe today. I’ve been ranting about it and now it has come. “Winter is coming, Jon snow” (also just that much closer to game of thrones, ahh the excitement I can’t even contain it.)

One of my favorite seasons, I love layering so I layered one of my favorite grey three quarter dolman top’s with an olive green vest (similar one)  to make a statement. Basic is my effortless workflow.  I really wanted to wear it with my booties but those of you that don’t follow me on social media I slightly fractured my toe, out of all the bones I could of fractured it had to be my toe. !!! Long story short I am very clumsy.  So regular boots and some destroyed jeans had to go. Brown Lippie is my ultimate favorite for fall. 

  However, This look is one of my favorites in the photos I promise it was raining and I thought it would of just been perfect to whip out that bubble umbrella. This week I am seriously going to look on the bright side of things and just go with the flow. I  had so much fun shooting the photos above. That Fitbit challenge is not happening lately. Oops. 

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