Gloomy 😔 

Hey y’all, 

I do apologize for not being so current. Truth is I’ve been lazy and also my computer is broken and work is lagging. So I’ve been gloomy. Just in one of those moods where all you want to do is watch greys anatomy and lay in bed with your kid and pull your hair up in a bun no makeup and sweatpants ! I’ve been living the weekend life recently. 

Texas, if y’all live in Texas you know the state fair is around and well let’s say we have had a couple of adventures that haven’t made it to the blog.

 However I’m back as in no longer living the weekend life and actually doing something other than just hang out in the house all day. 

Isaiah and I added two baby turtles to our little family. How exciting is that. And yes we gave one away. Found out one was a girl and the other a boy and we cannot have mating around.! Big NO, NO 👎! So nothing exciting going on around here at all. 

 I do however am planning a trip to Waco to kayak the river and drive in movies this weekend. Food trucks, wilderness and some fresh air are calling our names. 

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