Gingerbread lattes, coffee in bed and a whole lot of crazy decisions. 

Where have I been you asked.? You know just sipping coffee in bed. Speicllay now that it’s holiday season ! One venti gingerbread latte this way, please. Sike before this week started I was  Crazy busy!!!! Thank you to everyone who snap chatted me, messaged me if me and my little one were okay we went head first of the cliff of no social media for a while. Which was much needed for some realization of life making choices.  However we’re back and ready to mingle.   So sorry for the lack of writing and all that silence. I was stuck in a little hole of laziness and boredom of where my life was headed so adjustments have been made.

 A big good bye to the home health industry happened last week I learned so much from that industry that I am grateful to have learned it all.  Yes girls and gents.  I flat out did it and quit my job just to find that I was offered a full time clinic management job a while ago and decided to take it . Which by the way I love. No stress in my corner. No sir. Came to find out that administration is just something I’m good at. And my boss is amazing which makes me feel amazing that I’m tackling something new and to have that support of them saying how awesome you are and proud of the work you are doing in your first week  Is just a cherry on top. 

First week I must say is a success. I hope it stays that way. I have way more time on my hands to spend with my little one and free weekends and I’m home early. Que .??? That’s a first For me. 

So with that being said, I will have a lot more time and flexibility to continue this blogging journey. Life is complete I must say. I cannot complain about a single thing other than what I will be eating for breakfast tomorrow and if I should wake up early enough to hit the farmers market. On the books for tomorrow, arrange my new office and off to see doctor strange with my bundle of joy. Ready for whatever this weekend has to offer. Who ever says they can’t find their dream job, didn’t look hard enough. I think I sure found mine. 💗🍾

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