Ideas, anyone.? 


These last couple of weeks have been great / hectic. Like always nothing new to my old readers. I recently took on a journalism Job for a motherhood website which I loved to do. It was amazing and rewarding as well on all the amazing feedback I was receiving from my readers. However, I decided it was time to drop that full 2 posts a week to a small column once a month to focus on my blog. The reason I started this writing journey, was to write about anything and everything I love, without anyone having to ask me to reword certain things or take out paragraphs. so the Following updates are going to be made in my life now that I am working from home and having more than enough  time to experience life in a new way. So with that being said, Who has clear skin.? How do you obtain it.? I want to know it all.

As I write this I may, Or may not be wearing a Charcoal Mask. Contemplating the Origin of my horrible skin and how I am so tired of dealing with it !!!! Am I the only one who has this acne problem no matter what I do to my diet or my skin care routine it doesn’t seem to be getting any better. It clears up for a day or two, and then two new stinker pop up. Its been driving me crazy recently.
These past few week’s I have made it my mission to try and eat better. As well as Making time to work out and cutting all Sugary Drinks from my Diet Completely. To start off with. I’m not so huge on losing Weight Currently as that is one of my main goals down the road. I have let myself go so much recently its been taking a toll on the way I feel. Yes, Weight gain can make you lazy and even more tired doing a daily routine that before you had gained the weight. I just want to feel healthier. I want to be able to wake up and feel refreshed not tired after a 6 hour night of sleep. Which don’t get me wrong that would be ideal if i can get my mind set on sleeping more than 3-4 hours a night.

It all starts, with Water. !!! Your water intake is the main thing to get back on track. So my goal this week is two drink half a gallon of water a day. Easier said than done. Followed by a 30 min work out every other day. Best to start of small and keep adding more as you go than tacking something your body is not ready to do. Trust me, I’ve been there and it was horrible giving it your all and not seeing improvements because you can work out so hard but if you don’t have a healthy diet you will never see the results you want to see. I’ve learned that.

Drinking. ugh, I know. All the weight gain has been from BEER !!!! Going out every weekend and drinking followed by eating out all the time is not a good combination which is hilarious after I had my son, I ate horrible all the time i would eat out 2 times a day and i could never seem to gain weight i was so tiny and i kept losing weigh. then I was introduced to the Lovely night life. Who knew that was all i needed to gain weight. Crazy. Right.

So before I ramble some more on and on. I would love some Feedback on what your work out routines and healthy eat recipes are that would be great. Pintrest has taking me far along. So ready to try out new things. As i Challenge myself in my food loving self to change my diet, body and mind. Hopefully this will help my skin clear up for good.

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