Tis the Season.  

The Vasquez Family


Chloe, Zoe and Caitlyn

Nothing Like Conquering the world with your Sister along side you.

It’s Almost Christmas , I always have such an amazing adventure shooting this little cute family. This is my second shoot with them and it was a lot better than I had hoped it would be. As you can tell, It was So Windy in this shoot and below 45 degrees and these girls took it like a champ. Smiled the Whole entire time.  I love how Cindy is such a great mom to these three little Beautiful girl’s Who have such a cute unique little personality. The Bound of sisterhood is like no other and you can see Cloe and Caitlyn are so close.They had a blast during this photo shoot running away from the ducks.♥  One thing I love so much about capturing my Clients ( little Human’s ) is you get to see them grow, as well as  see where life takes them. Nothing But the best of Wishes to them. ♥



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