Post holidays. Come back !! 

I am seriously missing the holidays. 8 days in and it still feels a little bittersweet.  I hope everyone can agree with me.? Yes, no, maybe so. Well I am. Today was that day. Taking down all the amazingly festive decor down to make room for…… ahhhh… Valentine’s Day. Isaiah and I took a toll down the valentine asile on Friday before the snow. ( If your from Texas you know snow is rare. )  and the first thing that came into he’s mind was sugar Delited cookies chocolates and he’s favorite stuffed animals that are so cozy. My child everyone. As much as I love pink / red and chocolates everywhere. I’m not a huge fan of it. But I am excited for 50 shades darker. Can anyone agree .? Haha. 

In delight of the holidays being over, I didn’t share with you my resolutions because I have non other than writing more, and photographing more. Which is a given due to my empty schedule this year. 

2016, I tackled on so much that made me see life a little differently and not to take time for granted. I worked on myself and being the kind of women I’ve always inversioned myself to be. I graduated college. I quit being a workaholic and made time to be socialble. I was taught to leave the past in the past but not forget and receive those who have harmed you. No matter how much your heart wants too give them another chance. I found joy in being alone without the need for approval or being “liked”. I know a lot of people have a had time with it. If your one of them, trust me your not alone. Lastly, I worked on becoming a better more happier person for my child. The best thing you can ever do to your children is give them time. Learned that the hard way. 

With all that being said, 2017 is just about living. Letting new people in, socializing more. Got my natural roots back. (Dyed my hair hey black again for those that don’t follow my Instagram or snapchat) Museums, food, fashion, good reads and travels are all in the books and just enjoying LIFE. I truly found myself this year and I’m not letting her go ever again. It’s been a rough 5 years but it’s been the best vaulable lessons life has ever given me. So stay tuned. What did you learn from 2016.? 

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