Valentine’s ’17

Happy Valentine’s / Galentines everyone. Decided to share the little mini shoot I had with this little bug. Every day is basically Valentine’s Day in my house hold. Specially with Isaiah, he loves hard and has the biggest heart ever. He isn’t afraid to show how he feels and as a momma that makes me feel like I’m doing an amazing job with him. This shoot was a hard one for one he was grounded and then ungrounded for this specific day so he was giving me all types of bratty sass. However, it went away after I said smile or no chocolate. Whoa the bribery you have to do for a toddler to pose. Am I right mommas.? As for my love life everything is exactly as I imagined this year would be. 😉 details later. (Maybe, I want to keep that side of my life a little personal at the moment) however, what more would I ask for.? life’s pretty great right now. I don’t know about y’all but I’m pretty excited for tomorrow to stalk up on that Godiva chocolate 75% off sale. 🔮 Woohoo.! 

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