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Skin Care Routine 101 






Hello Doll’s,

These Last few weeks have been extremely stressful with work, personal life, & Isaiah. Whewww, Being a mom is like being a super hero. Or adding way to much on your plate. Either or, I always feel like a gigantic mess and somehow my face is showing it. No one has perfect skin. If you do I envy you, JK I don’t But I am extremely jealous. Genetics has a lot to do with acne and blemishes. Which Iv’e always suffered from specially stress that seems to be my down fall. Ugggghhhhh… Can anyone relate to me.?  However, I do everything in my power to control my break outs. Everyone, Who Follows me on social media. Knows I don’t Edit my blemishes on my photos as you can see up above, I was acne free for 2 weeks recently. So flawless skin was amazing to have. So here’s my skin routine I live by on a daily basis.


Frist: Hydration is Key!!!! Stay away from those pesky Soft drinks or loaded sugary drinks. I know, I know. It’s a struggle to completely say, NO.! It is essential to keep all that sugar awesome stuff  on a minimum level. What works for me, Is WATER, WATER, & TEA. I do my Best to at least drink 8 glasses of water or 78 oz of water. Which seems a lot but not impossible. At least once a day I add a tea bag in Iced water. ( you can drink it hot as well. As for me, I hate hot tea so Iced It is.)


Get Gorgeous, Is one of my favorite Teas.  Not because of the taste, but Because it’s an aid for Clear skin! It cleanses your Inner body, Its caffeine free, organic It aids aging, gives you a calmer complexion. What more can you ask for in tea.? Right.!  I do add a bit of Fresh lemon  Drops on mine due to the taste, It doesn’t taste amazing. Yet, If you like hibiscus and orange peel you’ll love it. I’m not a huge, huge fan of the two blends but once I add the lemon drops it gives it a little zest. You can also add a couple of round cucumbers with lemon and bam infused tea water. Yum , Yum. I found it at my local whole foods run a year ago, searching for new teas. It has been a keeper since. Lets Talk SKIN.


Night time Skin Routine,

Let’s start off with Wiping all of that beautiful make up and gunk off your face. You can use make-up remover or the wipes. I’m all about baby wipes, their gentle on your skin and do remove most of the superficial access off. I do not have the most perfect skin, I do have a lot of blemishes. Specially in my T-zone area.


Cleansers, I found this amazing product over almost now a year and a half ago. I am in love with Pacifica products. They are animal cruelty free, 100% Vegan, sulfate-free !! What more can we ask for Ladies.

For starters, I use the Sea Foam Complete face wash. It removes make-up, cleanses and tones. It defends against aging, with coconut water, sea algae and antioxidants. Its ideal for all skin types. Beware, do not get in your eyes. It burns so bad since it has algae.(I thought I was going to go blind after it happened to me.)  I add about a Index finger portion and just wet your hands and spread in a circular motion. I use my face cleansing brush on high to really get into my pores using circular motions. If I have some major Acne and blemishes going on. I use the Kale Detox it helps oily to acne prone skin. Using the same Technique as I would for the Sea Foam Cleanser. The Aftermath, icky. !!

I follow it up with the Rice Bright Skin Luminizing cleansing paste. Since I do tend to pick at my acne which is a huge NO, No it leads to scars and dark spots. I’m horrible at it. This Paste helps tone and brighten my skin for a dewy glow. Which also smells amazing due to the lemongrass and rice consistency, Also it helps with anti-aging as it cleanses. I pour dime sized portions and in a circular motion using your finger tips I massage my face. I leave it on for 2 mins tops as if it were a mask and rinse with warm water.


Twice a week, I use the Glow Baby youthful Face Scrub. Gently Exfoliates plus eliminates impurities with flax, rose hip and walnut ingredients. I Blend it with my finger tips in a circular motion using dime sized portions. Rinse off after massaging my face for about 2 mins in and Whoa Baby soft skin, Who doesn’t want that.?

Look at all that dirt & mascara residue

Toner, My miracle worker. Ladies, Toner is my Secret weapon. If you didn’t know that after you wash off your face at night. Now you do. Toner  will make the biggest difference in the world once you start using it. It not only helps blemishes but it also gets rid of that waterproof Mascara and any residue left over. Also it tones and brightens your face. I use the Miracle Kale Water from Pacifica. It’s Prone to oily and blemish skin types but any one can use it. It doesn’t over dry my face as other toners tend to, But it gets rid of all that stubborn make-up that stays deep in your pores. I use a regular round size cotton pad, pour a little bit of toner and wipe away.


Lastly, Moisturizing. Nothing say’s Hydrated skin like moisturizing it. I use the Honest Moisturizer, After several attempts in finding my holy grail I went though several Fails Until I Found this beauty. I love  Honest Moisturizer because its oil free, I have oily skin so this helps it keep it under control. I add a dime sized to the palm of my hand and mix it with Vitamin E I do just add a tiny little drop of Vitamin E and apply to my face and neck. TAH DAH, Say hello to dewy, glowy  beautiful skin.  This Concludes my Nightly routine. Seems a little long but so worth it. I will Post a two week follow up so you can see my results in using these amazing products, I cannot live without.

I hope you Enjoyed going through my Nightly Skin Routine, If there’s anything else Skin + Beauty Hacks you’d like to know more about Comment below.

Do keep in mind. This Post was NOT Sponsored. I discovered Pacifica Products on my birthday trip to Amarillo, Texas almost about 2 years ago to visit a friend on our target run, I picked it up. Since I was in discovering at the time what works for my skin.  Honest Moisturizer I picked up about 6 months or so now at a local Ulta. Vitamin E at Walmart. Do keep in mind not every product will work the same for everyone it is a lot of attempts and fails before you find what works for your skin type.

Much Love,


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