Pure Bliss.


Pure bliss driving out in the country, and seeing these gorgeous horses, sun set over the  hill’s  most blissful feeling ever. When I first moved out to the middle of no where I hated the fact that everything was so far away. I dreaded the feeling of driving out 10 minutes to get coffee. Specially when I was too lazy to make my own. February hit and I couldn’t believe it had been over a  year since I moved. Now as the days go by I feel a sensation of peace driving home. Getting away from the city a bit and just going down the street to look at beautiful landscapes and seeing these beauty’s. Specially when your neighbors are just so sweet and nice and let you pet them and feed the horses when they are out.The grey’s horse is named Mia, She was rescued by my Neighbors when she was 1. now belongs to their granddaughter.  The Momma and little one were rescued a couple of weeks ago. They are looking into rehoming them once they settle in. Hopefully in the next couple few weeks. I love the fact that there are People who give and expect nothing in return they are my inspiration. It was a pleasure taking these photo’s for them to gift to their owners.

Seriously wouldn’t redo the decision of moving out 20 minutes away from the cities main stream. Every day I get a reminder of how simple it is to just let life take its course. Smile and appreciate the little things. .


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