Happy Father’s Day Daddy. 

This is as personal as I get. Today, marks almost 24 years of my father being the best dad he can be to myself and 5 years of being a father figure to my child. Words cannot possibly be enough to state how grateful and blessed I am to have a father like you. Since day one my dad has done everything in his power to put his kids first before himself. He took the role of being a father figure to my sweet little toddler. He didn’t have too, he didn’t ask, he decided to be there no matter what. I couldn’t be more grateful. To have a father like you. . I never have to ask or  worry that my kid doesn’t have that male role model in his life. You have always made sure you are part of every milestone, every laugh, cry, smile and parenting moment in his life. To this I feel lucky, Isaiah loves you more than anything in this world you are his father figure his papa and no one will ever take that away from you. You have taught us so much and I know we have taught you so much as well. 

So I thank you dad,  for always being there for him in so many ways. Even if you’re  6 hours away living youre own life. You always makes sure to come visit us on the weekends just to spend time with Isaiah and myself. He is an amazing role model, friend and confidant to my child and myself. Dad, you have helped me raise Isaiah so much from his first laughs to his first steps to words and the tantrums to helping me parent him. You have been there through it all. I honestly have no idea what I would do without him. He has never been the easiest dad to talk too but he loves deeper than anyone I know. He raised me on his own for quite some time he made mistakes but I now see the hardships he went through for us to have such a normal life. I now see what you went through. It makes me value you so much more in ways you cannot even possibly imagine. You are hard working, silly, serious and most of all the most amazing dad ever. 

So, Thanks for being the best dad ever daddy. We love you more than anything or you have ever imagined. 

I hope Isaiahs dad reads this, 

Happy Father’s Day to the person who helped me make such a sweet, deep loving, silly and most of all kind hearted, stubborn, adventurer of a  little boy. Isaiah, loves you so much. I know we don’t see eye to eye. Maybe we never will. I hope one day we will.  You gave me my heart and made me fall in love in ways I never thought possible  with a little boy who will forever have it for the rest of his life to show me how amazing it is to raise a little boy and be a Mom for this I will forever thank you. 

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