Cindy and Diego’s Wedding

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This Wedding is very close to my heart. Not only because this gorgeous bride is a close friend of mine but because Their love story moves me, gives me hope, and most of all makes me believe that love is real and is somewhere out there.  Diego and Cindy after 6 or so years of being apart and having three beautiful girls together recently tied the knot in the most intimate way.  Their love just like all love’s have flaws and kindness and most of all they have conquered so much and made a commitment to love and work on it every single day for the rest of their days. Isn’t that what marriage and love is about.? They are prove of that.  I am so blessed and grateful to be apart of this special day not only because I am close to her but by the way they look at one another. Best of wishes  Here’s to many years of marriage and happiness.







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