Newborn fever … 

Side note before the good stuff: Sorry for the delay in posts. When I first started this I told myself I would not let work or hobbys effect my personal life or let social media get in the way. I promise I will get better . Soon. Now to the good stuff. 

This newborn session was shot in the beginning of July. I know, I know. Posting it a month later. This was the first session my cousin actually helped me shoot. So it’s a little special to me. Not just the fact that he helped me but the fact that we share the same interest when it comes to art and music. But enough about that back to the session. This little family was so sweet and it was a bit hard to time crunch, usually newborn sessions take about 3-4 hours. However, they wanted to a one hour session. Which turned out pretty awesome if I do say so myself specially this little girl awwhhh, she gave us all the feels of every sweet and spice. (Clearly I don’t remember the saying. Oops.) 

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