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Isaiah’s Rodeo

Let’s  Rodeo




Good Morning, It’s finally Saturday. What better way to start the weekend than with a little shine of cuteness. I couldnt stop obsessing over this session as I was working on it. I mean Aren’t my clients the cutest. Second session with Aubrey and first time with Joselin and Isaiah. I just can’t with all this cuteness. This was only the beginning of the first half of the session.  I Love the creativity that Dora put into the girls outfits. I had no idea how she was going to dress them all she had mentioned to me was I want a barn area or something outdoors. I had asked her what she was trying to create in her mind and she mentioned a cowboy theme. No where in my mind had I imaged this. Great way to cherish Heritage. I wouldn’t of imagined capturing this session anywhere else. It was the perfect little spot to capture not only a cowboy theme but also a smash cake. (scroll below) Other than it being blazing hot during this session but I never once heard the girls whine in their little outfits.

Talk about Monster Cake. 




The God parents 


For this being my first cake smash session I think it went pretty great. Specially those godparents. When you love what you do, and pursue a passion. It never seems like work. One thing I love about Photographing Families and Children is the Random cute little Faces you randomly seem to capture the candid moments those smiles. I never like to limit my clients into a time frame or certain poses. I like to incorporate family members, Friends, Toys and of course those smiles. Can’t wait to keep capturing more memories for this cute little family.  Till Next Time,  XOXO


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