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Hey Y’all,

I’ve got a new obsession right now, Can you guess it.? As if my title didn’t give it away. YES !!! Skincare. I think, I have found my own holy grail.! After so many years of figuring out the right routine. I said,” screw it” and started not obsessing / obsessing. I know, it makes no sense. I occasionally, tend to sleep with my makeup here and there. But, I seriously just went along with it for a while and started making a routine into a rewarding factor for myself.

I can’t believe it myself but its been so long since I was proud of my skin. (Note my last skin care Routine ) Specially when no make up is now a daily thing. Don’t get me wrong I still apply foundation but it Is very light (more deeds on a makeup routine coming soon. )  I mean don’t get me started on eye lashes. Unless, I get the occasional zit, which you can so spot on by my chin up above. My skin has never been so clear.  Seriously, gave myself a pat on the back. JK. I’m rewarding myself with iced coffee on a daily. Yet, tons of water is involved as well. It is true, water does wonders. I drink about 48-58 oz of water daily. Also, I’ve been on this healthy eating deeds and hitting the gym about twice a week if not more. I still pig out 3 times a week. Shhhh…. who’s counting right.?

Here are a couple of new Items, I have fallen head over heals.

Similar Headband |Cuter Travel Mug |Similar Tee |


Mask of Magnaminty | Tea Tree Water | Imperialis |

Other than it smelling amazing they feel amazing. They are 100% Natural, which I love. You know me all about non chemical items/ Products in this corner of the world. Plus, it doesn’t scar my face like most masks / products would for acne. The moisturizer and mask is a bit on the pricey end but let me tell you I bought these products on back to school and they are half way gone. A little goes a long way specially the moisturizer and mask. So definitely a score.  The mask is supposed to balance out oily and acne prone skin types it smells like mint. Which is a plus for me, I love anything minty. I apply the Mask about once a week in the middle of the week and moisturizer twice a day morning and night, as well as the toner. The moisturizer is also supposed to balance out your skin type and hydrate rough patches on your skin. One thing I love about the moisturizer is its so light once you apply it you cant even tell you have it on.

Now if only I found a neat trick to get rid of the oily skin I have been having, Lately would be great. Tea tree toner, does most of the trick halfway through my day as it helps with acne but I’ve also noticed my face doesn’t tend to get as oily as much with these amazing products. I still use my old skin care routine just modified a couple of products to it. (Link is up above, if your wanting to check it out.) Hope you guys give it  try it was a huge life changer for me.

This Post is non sponsored. Just some products I have been dying to share with you.


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