Meet Classy Curly

Hey Doll’s,

I have been working on a couple new things to bring to you. Like always I have been so, so busy with everything that is life. I have teamed up with a couple of adventurous souls who like me are Lifestyle bloggers. (Yet, Mine is turning more into a photography blog more than anything my hobby has been expanding more in that direction really trying to balance it all out. who knows I might surprise yall soon with some fashion posts.) However, This unique blogger is all about Fashion, Lifestyle,  I mean who doesn’t love to Shop Taylor brings the best shopping experience to fashion. Why go out and spend $100.00 on a top when you can get a whole outfit or two with that price range.

The best thing is, we all grew up somewhat together. I am more than grateful to be teaming up with some amazing Strong  Women. This shoot had a couple of laughs and serious conversations followed by a couple of awesome looks which one happens to be already up on her blog. So first is first, Meet Classy Curly also known as Taylor.  



I mean did you see those modeling poses, I had so much fun shooting lifestyle Fashion which was a first but I try to make it as fun as I can for my clients and more than that I like to see the different types of amazing personalities come out. I wish, I would show you all 86 images but these were a couple of my favorite. To shop the looks just click the pink Highlights like This one.  To Book a session just send me an email. I can’t wait to shoot more with this girl.



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