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Happy Holiday’s

Its a bit surreal that another holiday has just passed us by, Like lighting. I am seriously contemplating where my whole year went. This post was supposed to go up on Christmas day and I bit happy it didn’t go as planned. Sometimes people surprise you. I know I was a bit in shock this year. It was a special December for a fact. I decided to take holiday pictures with my son the day after his birthday to have them ready  in time to send them off. Of course my procrastinating self didn’t send them but it was a nice thought I did send some out to my family member’s that are out of state. What made it so special was Isaiah’s dad was able to join us. I wish I would of capture some of the 3 of us but its for wishful thinking and now a days me asking for anything just seems like it wont happen so I just tend to keep it in and not say a word. Its nice to know he did want to be apart of it even if he didn’t speak up until 2 days ago. there’s always next year right.? ( I know, I know. Its kind of odd since were not together but here’s another shocker. )

We started off with Christmas eve at my moms house followed by a sleep over, I baked Christmas cookies from scratch and I was shocked they were even good I made a second batch that morning to decorate for Santa. we woke up to open presents and Isaiah was beyond excited to see what he had received. we were invited to spend Christmas with Isaiah’s dad’s side of the family. At first I was a bit surprised to be even wanted there. I guess it has a lot to do with the fact that I tend to think the worst of myself and I am my worst critic I over analyze everything don’t ask me why. I hate it. ALLL THE TIME. However, I’m glad I went. Even though every nerve in my body was saying “Run for the hills. ” (or whatever the saying is. Lol.) I stuck it through and it felt different but nice at the same time. I’m just glad Isaiah was able to spend some time with his other family, as well as meet his half brother who lets just say is the most adorable thing. (Y’all know I’m a sucker for kids. ) Over all, It was a good day. Hope Next year is as special as this year has been.

Lots of Love,


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