Shara like Sarah

Here we go,

This post was supposed to go live a couple of weeks ago. Before my computer went Bloop. (I dropped it, I know yikes. Good news I got it replaced. Thank god for warranty. ) As I sit here drinking my Nespresso, Contemplating the new year and goals and what not. I decided to Drop all of the photo sessions I had this year of 2017.

Meet Shara, She is all about Traveling, Budgeting and style, Along with her Husband. Check her out @ . What makes it more sweeter is I actually know this girl personally which makes it so much more personal to actually have them choose me to collaborate with them. On this session, It was so windy but she rocked it out and her fashion style is to die for, simple chic and a bit Rock and Roll.  Here are a couple of my favorite shots.




Hopefully, I get to work this girl again. I had so much fun shooting this session.

Lots of Love,


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