Ringing in 2018

2017, was a good one. Not only did I grow as a person but also as a momma to my child. I listened more, I loved more, I cared more for others and most of all I yelled it out loud like Cindy Lou. Say it loud and say it proud. That was the motto, I continue to take with me in 2018. I was planning on letting go of certain people and certain things but I know it in my heart that it won’t likely happen so instead of fighting it I’m just going to go with the flow. What ever happens, happens.

I’m going to stop overthinking of how everything can go wrong and start thinking on how it can go right. I’ve been working on how I feel about certain things and what I am okay with. I worked on myself so much that I found who I am as a person and I never want to let her go ever again. I am understanding, loving caring and most of all I have flaws we all do but instead of feeling ashamed of my flaws I learned to love them. I am impulsive at times and it can get the best of me. But also it has giving me moments I wouldn’t give up. So here’s a list of things I plan to continue to do:

  1. Keep on telling those I love, just how much they mean to me.
  2. Keep on working to love myself as I am.
  3. Get better and staying on track with being healthy and fit.
  4. Keep on being the best mom I can be to my child.
  5. Cease every day as if it were my last, laughing, loving, singing, being silly and most of all living it up.
  • This year it snowed !!! Well more like little specks ! Made my heart melt.

Happy New Year, this one is going to be epic ✨

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