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5 Minutes & forever. Maybe.

Truth is lately less is more for about almost a year now or more. Who’s counting.. right.?

Crazy, Ive always thought it was a lot longer than a year. Living a hectic life. Time is hard to come by, So I choose sleep over anything else. I mean who doesn’t. If you’re one of those people who wake up early and choose to do stuff over sleep. I praise you.! Maybe it had to do with the fact that for a while I was living life like a blur a routine all the time. Which I hate 98% of the time. If you knew me 7 years ago, you would of never pictured me as a routine girl. Yet, I found myself in the stage of routine. Raising a child by yourself, is tough. Doable yet tough. So single momma’s I praise you. I absolutely have no idea how I do it. People ask me and all I say is coffee y’all. Tons of it. Other than time. So waking up at 6 am instead of 5 am and heading out the door by 6:45 am, having breakfast prepared and a little one all dressed and ready for school. If I do not have my kiddo in the car by 6:50 am we are massively late for work and school. so I managed to keep my makeup routine in 5 mins or under now. My little giveaway to getting out the door on timeish. Lol Here’s a little trick no mascara, Try Eyelash extensions. Best thing ever . Seriously it Was the best investment I have ever made. No need to be looking like a raccoon on a daily basis. Seriously after so many trail and errors with mascaras I could not find one that didn’t smear at the bottom so yup. Cut that off . here’s my fav,  no eyeliner just the basics. I’ve never felt more plain Jane in my life but I cannot see myself with more now. Every now and then when I’m feeling flirty or spontaneous you’ll see me in eyeshadow and lipstick. Yikes. (My 7 year old self would be highly disappointed of how that was even a decision or broken I am / Was idk anymore. Slowly discovering this now). So anyways, here’s what I do on a daily basis.

Wake up, wash my face. Brush my teeth, Toner, Moisturize.

This is my bare face no edits no removals. Naked and exposed. My skin sucks. Oh well. Embracing it. (excuse the brows)


Secondly, I use this foundation below. It is light and feels like a cloud on your face. I love it because its $10 and it has concealer so one less step to add. It has light to medium coverage. I’m all about the natural look so this is a steal for me. IMG_8091

I use a sponge to just bled it all over my face. I only use one pump of foundation for my whole face and I don’t spread but more like dab it into my skin. IMG_8094

After my foundation. I just go in Oder from here. 1. Clinique red ness corrector, I use it as a powder. Weird right. 2. bronzer I use the bronze goddess & sunset kisses just a bit I add one on top of the other. 3. Highlight. 4. Brows and Lastly, a lip tint. (forgive my chapped lips they suck I know)IMG_8120

Redness corrector powder just all over.



Bronzing, I start with the Bronze Goddess I start from the apple of my cheek going up to my temple accross my forehead where my hair line is and repeat the other side as well.


Repeat the same steps with the kissed Sunset


Highlight, the bridge of your nose and the top of the apple of your cheek.


You can see above how much I love the redness corrector Its all Worth it. I have had these products for over 2 years now and a little goes a long way I mean look at the bronzers and highlight they look brand new. I finish off with my brows and a lip tint and TahhhDaahhh Done !!

IMG_8103IMG_8108IMG_8109 Click the Pink words to direct you to the links. Hope this is helpful when your on the go easy couple of steps to minimize  your life and make more of your time.



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