Monthly update: January 2018

Hey everyone,

I’ve hit that small little drag, & now that it is February, I think an update is called for. I’ve been  wanting to put up so much content and I have it all planned out yet when I sit in front of the computer, Nothing comes out its like a blank white hole. so I have decided to do Monthly updates. Maybe, that will answer some of the questions I receive on my Instagram direct messages. As well as giving some clarity to my self. As of yet, This was the initial content of creating a blog. All thoughts on paper. No Judgments.

Lately, I’m lacking the words my mind wants to speak so frankly. Little preview as to why I skipped last week blog post. Lately, all of my words have been spinning out of control late at night yet I fight the urge to break an all night-er due to work duties the next day. I promise its not due to me being lazy this time. I’ve just hit that bump. I guess, a lot has to do with all the changes that have been going on in my personal life. one thing that really is looking up is my Photography. I have been getting more bookings and learning so much. I am currently working on my own presets on light room. which I might or might not start selling. Its just one of those things that make you unique as an artist. (Yes, I do think as photographers, make-up artist and bloggers as artist.) I love for my images to carry very vibrant warm colors. Yet, I also love the very cooler vibe as well. There’s no in-between right now.

I am so overwhelmed with joy at the thought that when this started, it was not indicated to start photographing people what so ever. It was indicated to capture my life through a lens and landscapes. No where did I ever image I would be doing what I do and loving it more than I ever thought possible.  I’ve always loved photography while I was in high school my freshman year I picked it up. There was just something about capturing a moment that could last a lifetime that seemed so precious and unreal to me. even now I am fascinated by all the moments I have captured. I don’t see myself as a professional no where near close but I have learned a lot and I love the fact that every time I have a photo shoot I learn new things, new techniques. I hate the traditional poses I’m all about being silly and having fun with who you are. After all that is what makes a photo pop. Capturing yourself as you ought to be. Candid / lifestyle photography is my thing. Don’t get me wrong. I love a traditional photo session just as much, I am just more intrigued in what can be captured as more sentimental than anything else. Every one has a story so why not tell it through a lens. So a big thank you goes out to everyone who has trusted me and booked me over and over again to capture their sweet moments you guys have no idea how much that means to me.

This Month, I have been working on fueling my body in healthy eats. You need to start somewhere. I am so comfortable but un-confident on how much weight i gained these past couple of years due to some personal things i had going on that just made it impossible to lose weight no matter how healthy i was eating or working out daily. Now that, that is over. I have been getting back on the wagon slowly but getting there and boy does it feel good to see that weight just drop little by little.!!

I have taken some time off to just unplug and spend more time with my little as well as planning so many trips this year. I have decided to do a weekend getaway at least twice a month to see something different in Dallas, Texas or just anywhere in the states. As well as plan time for myself to mingle and just socialize with friends and still not overwhelming myself with so much. Its all about balancing it all out and i am slowly getting there.

Little Fact: I am my own worst Critic, I doubt myself more than id ought to in my abilities and capabilities of everything i do. I rethink everything about 1,000 times before i decide to take the plunge on things but i can also be every impulsive in a heart beat. There is just no in between with me at all. Take it all or leave it. That’s the new motto. However, I am destined to work on this little fact about myself daily and stop thinking and doubting myself as a mother, writer or photographer. We are all destined for greatness that is something I truly believe in. Its if you want to get there or not that is challenging.

Next Stop: Oklahoma

For a little change in scenery with my little

Stay tuned. Happy Friday.


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