Valentine’s Sma-valentine

       Valentines day is here. This year I decided to do a little mini segment of valentines day photo shoots. Since you know the single life in my corner. All the Single Ladies raise your hand up. Lol. I so had to reference Beyonce on this today. However. I only received one booking who actually wanted to do valentines day photos and I cannot post until after the day since they were supposed to be a surprise to a “Daddy’s First Valentine” which i thought was the most Adorable thing in the world. Instead, I had family pictures and Maternity sessions which were precious as well. I was just pleased to have at least one Valentines day related Session. Which i might post after Wednesday so stay tuned its going to melt your heart.

  Fun fact about myself:

{ If your new, this is something I was doing on instagram and i had a lot of people suggesting i add it to my blog post to get more of a sense of who i am as a person. I decided to give it a go and see how it goes. If you dislike or like it and would like to have it continue just comment below}

I’m not a huge googy eyed person……… * rolls eyes*…… Lets be honest we are all smooshy and googy eyed. One thing is we choose not to show it. I am a huge affectionate person in odd ways and the more the years go by the more I see how little things change. Time to change that, I say if you have something to say,

say it loud and say it proud.

{ I may or may not have stolen this quote from Mark Sloan in Grey’s anatomy. Shhh…}

It might bite you in the behind, but what are you losing.? Nothing. You’re actually gaining peace of mind. I have mine & I refuse to let anyone steal that away. Last year, I did a lot I should of never done. Yet, I’m glad i did.  Don’t let your Pride get in the way of your happiness or what makes you happy. Go for it. I promise even if it is humiliating or embarrassing down the road you will be so happy you did. You wont be wishing what if. You’ll be saying ” I gave it my all.” So enough about this. Lets get to the cute little stuff.

Are ya’ll readyy for the cuteness overload.?

Here is Session Number 1:


Session Number 2:


Let me just tell you when these photoshoots took place. It was freezing outside. Can I say maybe below 30 degrees. The kids were troopers. They rarely complained at all. On the bright side everyone wore some sort of red in all the sessions so I guess that was a plus.

As for me and my little, We will be spending our Valentines day. Playing Tic – Tac- Toe, eating tons of chocolate & watching Puffin Rocks which is the new obsession plus can I say its adorable as always. Netflix, you did it again. ❤

If you happen to be single on valentines day, don’t sweat it. Pamper yourself and walk around your house in your underwear pump up some music and just do what ever it is you love doing. My favorite thing to do is seriously pump up music, have a glass of champagne and just dance it out and accomplish things on my do to list that aren’t really chores at all. Like writing this blog post. Enjoy it. Our time will come and we will appreciate it more than ever when it comes.



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