Daddy’s little valentine.

As promised, if you read my last post. ( If not click it ) Since my client posted it. I guess it is safe to say. Here goes nothing. I am not huge on indoor photography that’s a fact. It has nothing to do with it being indoor as much as the lighting. I am still trying to figure it out. I love outdoor photography due to natural light makes it so much easier and lightweight to create anything you want or see in your mind. However, Indoor you have to play so much with it and find your own groove  and also take away all the yellow in every shot due to the lights beaming. Specially if you forget your own equipment at home.

However enough about that technical stuff right. Lets get to the cuteness. So Mirdy, wanted to surprise her husband with  valentine photos of their little girl. OMG, is she precious.



Do you guys see the cuteness.? I just cant with this little girl. She gave me all those baby feels. I am not a pro but I am working on it. But you can tell I rarely do indoor photography as these did not come out how I had envisioned. However my clients fell in love with them which is all that matters. However. I am my own worst critic. Maybe one day in the future I will become better than I am now.

Fun fact: It’s raining Dallas. All those nostalgia feels are pouring in. Do any of you crack open the windows when it rains.? or is that just me.? I love the smell that contributes to the rain and the smell it gives the trees. I’m crazy I know. Isaiah usually tells me I am just being me. yesterday he asked me if I was okay because I didn’t open the windows or sit on the porch with coffee. I miss him the most when I don’t have him over night. What’s your silly thing you love to do.? Leave it in the comments.

Hope everyone had a lovely valentines day with those you love and love you.



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