Monthly update: February

Hey ya’ll,

What have you been up to this month besides the whole Valentine Fiasco, & Rainy season / Flooding we received in Texas.  I feel like everyday is valentines day if you have loved ones. No need to just celebrate it once a year. More like, every day. It doesn’t have to be a hallmark gift. But daily appreciation for your significant other in other ways. Hope everyone is doing great with all the rain. We surely did require it.

So here is my update for y’all.

Personal life: Do you ever wish you were in a different city in a different place in life.? I’ve been having these odd dreams. AGAIN.! ( come on steff, really.? not again. If your new, yeah i tend to have odd dreams) I’ve always seemed to be having odd dreams every time I dream or remember it. .Sometimes they feel like Deja vu later down the road.  I’ve been having this one odd dream for almost 2 months now. CRAZY. well it will be 2 months on the 27th of this month ( which happens to be today. ) . It feels like wanderlust when in wake up. Makes me realize that every day is kinda of the same, Lately. ( I hate routines)  I need something to change, Specially, now with all this rain the way the air smells after. Just makes me insanely happy. Feels like wanderlust. which makes me think maybe i should think about moving somewhere up north. Seattle comes to mind a lot. ( It has nothing to do with Fifty shades lol. If you were wondering )  This thought has been on my mind for the past 6 years. Lately, more or so than before. Who knows. I might Surprise yall.

Motherhood: Let me tell y’all about my recent struggle with my lovely 6 year old. So NOT, lovely lately. He has been on this bender that whatever he says goes. If anyone tells him otherwise or to do something its a consent Whine until he gets his way. which doesn’t happen at all. He has mastered the whole hyperventilating for no reason. * Huge eye roll. * I give him that look, all moms know what i am  talking about. He instantly says sorry and does as he is told. When it comes to answering his dad’s voice message he quickly says no with the usual maybe tomorrow if i feel up to it. The attitude he has been giving lately. I just cant even deal. I seriously, have to breath and say Jesus take the wheel about 85% of the time. Which is crazy. I feel as if he is testing me about 99% of the time. I usually go with it and cut him some slack. specially this past week, since he had a fever for 3 days not counting the weekend. I Kept my fingers crossed that he didn’t have the flu. In some odd wacky universe they answered my prayers. He didn’t yet he did miss school that whole week. Sigh. Which he instantly called a vacation.

We had sunny skies on sunday so we decided to go to the farmers market and make it a day outdoors. (Photos above .)

Photography: Woot, Woot, I know how bad this is going to sound. I have nothing booked recently to do any photo shoots. Which means as soon as the rain lights up. Isaiah and I will be going on adventures. Hoping that he is on the CLEAR ! If you want a session just email away. I am open to bookings and travel as well. I recently made a good purchase on a film canon so i am so excited to just point, shoot and develop. I am also in the learning process of developing my own film. Which has been a dream of mine.

Slowly making these dreams a REALITY. Starting little by little. A day at a time.

We weren’t able to go to Oklahoma this month or go explore more of Dallas due to the rain and the snow and the cold. However, the forecast is looking a lot better and this month of march who knows where we might end up exploring.


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