Weekend shenanigans.

The wonders of motherhood, Lets just say this weekend went nothing as planned what so ever. Have any momma’s out there been at home for 2 days without the sweet taste of caffeine.? This Girl, right here just experienced it. Oh Boy, lets just say i had to make up for it tonight.  What i had planned this weekend with my lovely 6 year old. Was, Saturday…

  1. Boho market at the Farmers Market
  2. Truck yard festival by the art museum for lunch
  3. Klyde warren park ( get rid of all that energy)
  4. Movies at the Drive in.


  1. Breakfast at Drips
  2. Target errand run
  3. Movie evening with takeout. (while i did some landry. )

If your from Dallas you know all about this. However, This is how it went down. Waking up at 7 am to tiny little feet in my face and a little boy giggling the whole time. Breakfast as requested extra fluffy banana pancakes with turkey bacon. While im making breakfast, Isaiah is watching cartoons and I tell him to help me clean the living room as we have to go to the farmers market to pick some things up and he can play a bit in the kid section. He immediately says “Nope, Its cold i dont want to go.” I say okay we can hang out for a while but we are going. As i get ready and get him ready. I go get my debit card from my scrub bottoms and its gone. I’m panicking like CRAZY !! Only to find out Sunday afternoon, That my child hid it because he wanted to stay home in comfy pajamas the whole weekend and cuddle with mommy. This is what we ended up doing,

Saturday,  after breakfast and getting ready and panicking like crazy looking for my card 2 hours later giving up in defeat that it was lost. ( I didn’t cancel it but i did lock it, just in case. )

  1. Backyard Sidewalk art, Playing with Chalk. (before the wind got too crazy )
  2. Downstairs cleaning, since the little guy wanted an ice cream party there had to be a trade off in it. plus he spilled sprinkles all over the living room so he offered to vacuum. I didn’t object to it.
  3. Playing Uno for 2 hours while we ate ice cream sundaes he made us.
  4. Netflix binge until midnight and camped out in the living room. Yes i pulled the tent up in the living room and sleeping bags. Haha, I’m that mom.


  1. breakfast and Netflix
  2. Landry and up strairs cleaning / Organizing.
  3. After he hands me the debit card. Going to Nana’s house and Isaiah had a movie / sleep over at Nana’s
  4. target run with tons of coffee. to be exact I refilled it twice.

Apparently, we don’t do it enough as it is that he had the need to hide my debit card and then say “Look mommy, I have a surprise for you. Can we go get more snacks now.?” we had the hugest laugh and a good conversation about voicing what he wants to do instead of hiding things around the house.

Lets just say it was a pretty good outcome of it, Landry that was piling up for almost a month was done and put away. I dont remember the last time i did that during the day. WE deep cleaned and he helped. We had tons of giggles and laughter and i dont think we have ever laughed that hard in 6 years. The wonders of motherhood.  Huge lesson learned always have backup creamer because coffee doesn’t taste the same without it. On the bright side, WE had a much needed staycation. Followed by a evening running errands alone sipping iced coffee and stalking up the fridge with tons of fruits and veggies. All of us Momma’s know when you take your kids grocery shopping you end up with 60 % snacks and 40% healthy food. penciling in more weekends like these and less hectic ones.

How was your weekend.? Xo,


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