Thursday thoughts..

Is it so wrong to feel a void in your chest that you’ve never felt before. As if it were foreign. However, not so as you start to remember that same void deep in your mind. Its been 6 years since I’ve felt that void that deep feeling of breaking down. How can someone make you feel this. It’s hard to hear his voice and i know over time it will go away how long will it take.? I don’t think I’ve ever felt this for anyone else. I must admit, I miss him more than he ought to know. How can you miss someone you no longer know.? I am filled with questions that have no answers and i start to remember how we used to be. How sadden that my own fears back then kept me away from what looks like i want in my future. I don’t want to look back as it is painful but how is it any better being without that pain. I feel as if, i make no sense at times. He will always be the love of my life and at times i want to just escape from the feelings of feeling so hurt. I never knew i actually was waiting for him until recently i never saw it as i was waiting for a specific person for 6 years until recently. I kept a hope lingering that i shouldn’t have. I guess no one will ever know the true dept of it. I slowly want to run and never look back part of me wants to sit back and watch life just happen. Part of me whats to let go and suffer the pain of what is and move on. They say words are what hurt the deepest. I like to think it is the unsaid words and unsaid actions of the course that cut the deepest.  They say time heals wounds. How long will that take.?


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