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Mother’s Day 2018

No matter what people tell you, if you had a living being inside of you. You are a mother. I am beyond blessed to have the blessing to be a mother to a little 6 year old who beyond loves me more than anything but to also be a mom to a little heart beat who would of been 3 soon. We don’t get to choose where life leads us. We do get to choose where we want to be.

Mother’s Day is rough and tough as it is with a partner by their side and I know one day I will have that. However, I am so proud of myself to be doing motherhood alone. These little words today cut the deepest, “mommy, mommy’s day is always. You are my bestest mommy ever and I wouldn’t ever want it any other way. You are always there loving me, kissing me, whipping away my water from my eyes, kissing my boo boos and also being there when daddy isn’t. ” he made me cry y’all I wouldn’t trade motherhood for anything else in the world. And yet, I yearn to have another one I am blessed and grateful to have endured it even if it means never getting to experience it again. It’s rough and hurtful to know you may never get to experience motherhood the way you wish too but here’s to experiencing it once and to experiencing motherhood in different ways.

Who knows maybe in the next couple of years I will be taking on a different form of motherhood if it’s from blending a family to adopting or fostering. Motherhood is made in all different ways. No matter what anyone says taking care of someone other than yourself makes you a mother no matter how you got there. And yet I have never admitted it to anyone. This is my reality and it’s one that I am choosing to embrace. So here’s to motherhood and all those amazing mothers out there who kick every days behind. Hope every momma out there had a great day not just today but everyday. 💗

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