May to June

This transitioning period, from May to June is a tough one. Going from amazing weather to hot I need a pool weather to personal life choices to wanting something you can’t have to just letting things be and see where life takes you. Almost 6 months into a new year and I’m having all types of feels about it. Like where did the year go.? How are you going to spend the rest 6 months.?

Traveling has always been my wanderlust. Finally happening. I’ve been having a lot of questions on how I’ve managed to always be out and doing something here it is…. are y’all ready .!!???

I have cut down in areas where I would splurge on and say what the heck, why not. You only live once. For example, buying lunch every day. Yeah, not happening. Meal prepping / tuna packs and ramen when you get lazy okay I’ll take it over a $10-$16 lunch day. Also spending on clothes unless I need it and I’m dying over it it won’t get put on my cart seriously avoid that section now to not tempt myself. Don’t get me wrong I do eat out once or twice a week not counting the weekend because I mean who actually cooks on the weekend.? Lol if you do, I give you props.! Seriously, if I’m not needing something as far as clothes are involved I just won’t buy it. I have unworn items with tags just sitting there why add more to the pile. Working out and drinking tons of water have helped get into that motivation in fitting into some of the cute pieces I have sitting there. I’ve never posted or talked about budgeting or money wise but it’s not always sunshine and rainbows in my corner of the world. Budgeting monthly goes a long way. I even gave myself a budget on my recent trip(which I will post later.) just not too overly spend on certain things. I sticked to it and have myself a pat on the back for it. Since that happened. Now I am able to take another mini trip soon for a weekend or two to a couple of places I’ve been dying to see.

The way I budget is bills come first then priorities. Like Isaiah needing stuff or myself. Making a grocery list / planning what I’ll be making for dinner and giving myself a spending limit when I go grocery shop and getting only essentials. Then I add little fun inexpensive activities to keep my little one entertained. Let me tell you it’s been glorious having extra cash in your bank account to randomly say let’s go on a road trip. Feels good just saying that out load. Let me disclose I am the head of my household so it’s just me bringing it in.

I always tend to at least put $50-$100 in my savings as well on top of it just to save it every payday. Just Incase I go over a bit or am needing to just get unexpected things. Comes a long way.

Also, buying food and cooking on trips makes it a lot easier to have more to spend and do fun things in a new city. Don’t get me wrong I do eat out on trips just not as much. I’m not a huge dinner person. I seriously force myself to eat dinner I have such a busy lifestyle Monday – Friday I tend to forget to eat unless my body is saying feed me tense the headache. Lol. Breakfast is coffee, any kind I’ll take it and lunch is whatever if I have time. Plus when you get a 30 min lunch break there’s really not much time for much to decide on. Don’t get me wrong I love food and trying new things Saturday and Sunday haha.

Coffee, I’ve learned how to make my own iced cooffeeee hallelujah.!!! Finally .!!!! Which has been saving me roughly counting that I drink coffee 2-4 times a day about $120 a month. I mean $3 something added up specially 4 times a day. Yikes.!

Makeup, I no longer splurge on makeup. I mean I don’t even wear it during the summer. I’ve learned to love my imperfections which have truly grown on me. So tinted moisturizer is my way to go. Plus it’s less time consuming and so easy in the mornings. Followed by mascara, and lip balm with a bit of blush here and there tah dah .! This has also made my skin feel 10x better. Texas heat is no joke. Why pay $50 on foundation which will melt off. Don’t get me wrong if i go out on a girls night or on a date I will go for the full on makeup look. Just saying. Lol. (Which is rare, living the single life here. But no seriously ready for the real thing. Anyways ..)

Well anyways there you have it, no magic trick just spending less to see more 🌎

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