Suffer in silence

We’re always told to voice our opinions or thoughts. What if those thoughts cause more heart break or accusations of something you never did.?

It is 3:25 am unable to sleep or shut it out. Unable to stop crying and i keep replying my thoughts and suffering of a heart break again. Suffering in silence with no one to talk about what is going on in your mind or your heart. If you were right to ask or wrong to even bringing it up.? Maybe it is all my fault for asking for stating how I feel. No one will ever know the answer.

All I know is, maybe keeping it in not saying how you feel or voicing anything is sometimes for the best. Maybe staying your emotions are a crime. All I know is it hurts to have someone you love. Not trust you or believe you when they accuse you of something you never did or intend to ever do. Just because someone else did. Because loving someone is trusting that person or so I thought. So here’s to keeping my feelings and emotions in and acting heartless and suffering in silence.

Happy birthday month to me, this month/ summer has been the happiest and saddest and it’s only the beginning. Woohoo, you’ll find me eating a tub of ice cream turning 25 on the 23rd. Figuring it out Or popping a champagne bottle, who knows It all depends.

I will be signing off for a while, see you in August or September. After all I love fall and winter.

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